School Within a College (SWAC)

The School Within a College (SWAC) program provides students with the opportunity to complete their high school diploma, earn college-level credits, and learn in an adult learning environment in a college setting.

Students will build self-advocacy, literacy skills, and learning strategies in preparation to make a successful transition to post-secondary education. 

The primary focus is on students facing challenges in graduating and who have the potential to succeed in college. Beginning in September 2020, York Region District School Board has partnered with Seneca College to offer the School Within A College program. 

SWAC School Within a College Program flyer (PDF) is available for viewing and sharing.

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How does it work? 

The SWAC Program takes place at the Seneca College:  King Campus throughout the semester. Courses are delivered by Secondary School Teachers and College Instructors at Seneca College. YRDSB students can earn up to 4-6 credits in one semester. 


Sample schedule for t​he Sem​ester

  • 1-2 Credit Cooperative Education

  • 2 Dual Credit courses

  • 2 other OSSD courses


Dual Credit​ Courses 

Fall 2023

College​ Course Code (Ministry Code)

Course Name


Start Date 

End Date 



Applied Psychology of Learning and Careers


Sep 26

Dec 12


PSY191 KZZ | HBF4TFoundations of Psychology 1WednesdaySep 27Dec 139:50am-12:30pm

**Dual Credit classes will be at King Campus, Seneca College


Activities and Benefits

  • SWAC students are provided with a Presto Card (if applicable)
  • The SWAC program offers a Breakfast/Snack Program throughout the semester (in person)
  • The Dual Credit earned is counted towards a first-year course college and OSSD requirements. 
  • SWAC students will be registered college students and receive a student number and identification card.
  • Access to all college services space (Gym, Library, Computer labs) and events. 
  • Career Exploration activities and workshops which will be included in the SWAC program
  • An official transcript will be provided at the end of the course upon request.


Admission Requirements

Target Student Group: 

  • Students should be between the ages of 17-20 
  • Should have completed 24+ credits
  • Completed OSSLT or OSSLC (preferred but not required)
  • Early leavers
  • Apprenticeship and/or college-bound 


How to Apply

Students are recruited twice a year for September and February intakes. Interested students will apply online. Applications will be vetted and then students will attend an interview with YRDSB and Seneca College Staff in August or January.

For More Information

Contact YRDSB Pathways Department: for more information.

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