Outdoor Education


​Outdoor Education is an experiential process of learning that fosters an understanding and appreciation of the elements and interrelationships that exist within the natural environment.

Our programs are designed to support and enrich the Ontario Curriculum. We provide opportunities for students to enjoy positive experiences in the out of doors. Developing a positive relationship with nature will promote respect and understanding of the natural world. This, we believe, will encourage students to tread lightly on our planet and ultimately lead to the development of a personal environmental ethic and a call to positive action.

York Region District School Board is serviced by five Outdoor Education facilities:

At each centre one Outdoor Education Teacher and one Outdoor Education Specialist are employed to run the programs and assist classroom teachers to meet the expectations of the Ontario Curriculum. All of the individual programs are driven by specific curricular expectations.

Expectations for Student Learning at Outdoor Education Centres in York Region are that Students will:

  • demonstrate awareness and understanding of the delicate balance in nature and the positive and negative impact of human activity
  • learn how to prepare themselves for a positive outdoor experience
  • demonstrate an awareness that everything in nature is important and connected
  • use responsible environmental practices
  • demonstrate respect for self, others and the natural environment
  • describe how a strong environmental ethic can guide future behaviour