Pathways Programs

College Delivered Dual Credit Courses - In Grade 11 or 12, you can earn credits in a college environment while still in secondary school.

Cooperative Education - In Grade 11 and 12, you can earn credits through the integration of classroom theory with practical experience in the workplace.

Exploring Opportunities Program - A specialized opportunity if you are interested in the trades and technology and want to explore workplace or apprenticeship pathways.

High-Performance Athlete Program - You can apply to a regional school that focuses on healthy, active living and sport and supports both your academic and athletic goals.

Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Program - In Grade 11 or 12, you can start your investigation and training in an apprenticeship trade through the cooperative education program.

Personalized Alternative Education -Personalized Alternative Education (PAE) is a system of educational alternatives and vary from school to school.  This can include ALEP (Alternative Learning Experiential Program), OYAP (Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Program), TEAM (Project based experiential learning), QUAD (9 week based 2.0 credit) programs.

Specialist High Skills Major - You can specialize in an economic sector of interest while in secondary school by choosing courses related to that sector and participating in a number of planned experiential opportunities, such as co-op, field trips and post-secondary tours.

School Within a College (SWAC) Program - Students can complete their high school diploma, earn college-level credits, and learn in an adult learning environment in a college setting.

Summer Pathways Programs - There are several Summer Pathway Programs students can participate in and earn 1 - 2 credits, such as Cooperative Education (Co-op), OYAP-Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Program, College Dual Credit courses and the Innovation Course at Y-Space in Markham. 

York Region Skills Challenge - Compete against fellow students in skills-based challenges


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