Summer Pathway Programs

There are several Summer Pathway Programs students can participate in and earn 1 - 2 credits, such as Cooperative Education (Co-op), OYAP-Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Program, College Dual Credit courses and the Innovation Course at Y-Space in Markham. 


Summer Cooperative Education Program

The Summer Co-op programs integrate classroom theory with practical experience in the workplace. Students in grades 10, 11 and 12 can benefit from a co-op experience as it supports the learning and understanding of their post-secondary destination of choice.  Students may earn 1 or 2 high school credits by participating in these programs. 

The  YRDSB Summer Co-op Programs are offered through Continuing Education Services in partnership with Curriculum & Instructional Services, Pathways Team. Students are encouraged to discuss their options in consultation with the Guidance and/or Community Based Education (Co-op) department at their secondary school.

Register for Summer Cooperative Education (1 or 2 credit Co-op)

To learn more about the Summer Co-op opportunities and to register for a summer Co-op programs visit your school's Guidance and Co-op Department. 


Summer Dual Credits

YRDSB students have an opportunity to participate in a dual credit course this summer!  Courses are offered by GTA Colleges (such as Seneca, Centennial and Humber Colleges) in partnership with Curriculum & Instructional Services, Pathways Team and will take place during the month of July. 

See Summer Dual Credits

Register for Summer Dual Credits

To learn more about Summer Dual Credit courses, registration, and scheduling details visit your school's Guidance Department.


Youth Innovation By Design Course 

The Youth Innovation By Design course focuses on ways in which innovators identify problems, see them as opportunities, generate ideas, and organize resources to develop and take successful solutions forward into the world, both for-profit and not-for-profit. Students will be encouraged to use a variety of design thinking techniques to develop and grow their ideas. They will consider the ethical and legal implications of decisions, the breadth of roles in innovation culture as well as related financial literacy and sustainability models. In support of both group and individualized projects, students will be introduced to, and taught how to connect with, local and global ecosystems. Student learning throughout the course will be supported by guest speakers and mentors provided through a collaboration with York University’s YSpace-Markham and Innovation York

Registration will be available on My Pathway Planner during Summer School Registration with Continuing Education.   

Non YRDSB students can register via the google form.


Youth Innovation Design Course Flyer



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Additional Information

Learn more about Cooperative Education programming, Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Program, and Dual Credit Courses.  

The Co-op Program is based on a partnership between the High School and a business or community organization. Learn more about hosting co-op students.


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