Summer Co-op for Employers

Secondary students are eligible to earn credits, during the summer, towards their diploma by applying the knowledge they learn in school to a workplace setting.

Employers participating in our summer co-op programs are referred to as "placement supervisors". Their role is to guide the student's learning through appropriate training and supervision.

The Ministry provides summer student hiring subsidies for organizations that take on summer co-op students. 

Expectations for the role your organization plays co-op programming is outlined in the YRDSB Placement Supervisor Guide

Learn more about cooperative education programming.

What are the benefits for your business and community organization?

Your organization gets to:

  • participate in the education of today’s youth;
  • identify potential future employees;
  • develop supervisory skills in employees;
  • utilize motivated students who are willing to learn and take on new tasks;
  • develop greater understanding between the community and today’s youth

For additional information about how your organization can get involved in the youth of today please visit The Learning Partnership

How do I get a Co-op student?

Register using the YRDSB Employer Registry

Your information will be sent out to the schools and they will connect with your directly to discuss student placements.

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What are the benefits?

Co-op provides you with an opportunity to:

  • develop knowledge, skills, and attitudes through hands-on experience;
  • explore a career in order to make informed educational and career decisions;
  • develop maturity and self-confidence;
  • strengthen employability skills;
  • gain valuable work experience;
  • develop networking opportunities;
  • earn credits towards your OSSD;
  • complete the program requirements of the Specialist High Skills Major;
  • participate in specialized programs such as OYAP
  • "step-up" for entry into post-secondary institutions.