York Region Skills Challenge (YRSC)

Students interested in participating, please connect with your YRDSB school.  Space is limited and registration is open in the fall  through a supported classroom teacher

York Region Skills Challenge

Welcome to the York Region Skills Challenge (YRSC)!

These events bring together students from across York Region elementary and secondary schools to compete against fellow students in skills-based challenges. Students showcase their skills and talents in individual or team competitions while building confidence and experience in areas that interest them.   Registration open centrally with a supported classroom teacher - please check with your teacher on further details!


Students compete in the 2019 York Region Skills Challenge
Watch our students compete in the transportation challenge events
Students share their experiences with the elementary robotics challenges

There are several different skills challenge events open to elementary and/or secondary students:


Secondary Transportation

Competitors demonstrate their skills and knowledge in the automotive industry, through practical and theoretical applications.  Competitors explore the trade of an Automotive Service Technician​ through authentic automotive repair challenges.​ ​

​Registration Opens in late Fall through the YRDSB school.


Skills Ontario Junk Drawer Races

Introducing the first-ever Skills Ontario’s Junk Drawer Races! The contests under this program are open to students from Grades 2 - 12 within Ontario. Competitions include a variety of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) related challenges. 

Registration Opens in the Fall through the Skills Ontario site.

YRDSB is pleased to announce a numbers of wining schools with the Regional and Championship rounds.


Elementary Robotics

Elementary Robotics (Grades 4-8) begins with five area qualifier competitions in January of the school year.

Schools select one location of their choice and can send up to two teams per school: junior (grades 4-6) and/or intermediate (grades 7-8).

School registration is open in the early fall. ​ Top teams from the qualifiers will advance to the York Region Skills Challenge scheduled in February/March of the school year.


York Region Skills Challenge - Elementary and Secondary Events

Students compete in one or more of the 30+ challenge events. Challenges are offered for students in:

  • Grades 4-6

  • Grades 7-8

  • Grades 9-12 ​​

​​All students who participate receive a participation ribbon at the end of the day’s events. Gold, Silver and Bronze medals are awarded to 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners to recognize their distinct achievement. Gold medal winners of most competitions advance to compete provincially at the Skills Ontario Competition in May at the Toronto Congress Centre.  Registration opens in the late fall.


Skills Ontario Competitions 

The provincial Skills Ontario Competition (SOC) takes place in April/May every year at the Toronto Congress Centre.

Gold medal winners of some secondary competitions at the Skills Ontario Competition advance to the National Skills Competitions. Please visit the Skills Canada website for more details.

There are some direct to skills competitions, registration for this is in the fall.


​Specialist High Skills Major and Skills Ontario Events

Secondary students enrolled in the Specialist High Skills Major Program (SHSM) can earn possible certi​ficates and/or experiential learning towards their SHSM designation. Speak to your school SHSM team for further information.


Students interested in participating in the YRDSB Sk​ills Challenge must be registered by a supporting teacher. Registration opens in the fall. ​​​

For More Information

For information on Skills Canada-Ontario or York Region Skills Challenge (YRSC) events and activities, please contact Fadi Boutanos​, Curriculum Consultant.