Athletics - Secondary

Athletics and organized sports have an important place in the education system and contribute to the health and well-being of students. In support of athletics at the secondary level, the York Region Athletic Association coordinates and encourages participation in athletic activities.

The York Region Athletic Association (YRAA) offers student athletes opportunities to enhance their educational experience through high school sports. These sports are made possible through the efforts of individual teacher-coaches, school athletic designates, convenors and the YRAA executive who volunteer their time. YRAA members strive to provide a high standard of competition, maximize participation in athletics, promote a closer relationship with the participating member schools and to encourage fair play, good sportsmanship and a spirit of good fellowship. As a member of the Ontario Federation of School Athletic Associations (OFSAA), the YRAA follows the OFSAA Transfer Policy. This policy applies to all students in Ontario when they transfer from one secondary school to another. The policy outlines the criteria that determine a student’s eligibility to participate in school sport.

Elementary and secondary students participating in extracurricular athletics will be asked to complete the Informed Consent Agreement – Sport and Emergency Contact Information forms for each sport they are participating in.

Many secondary schools offer High Performance Athlete (HPA) Cooperative Education programs to support the learning needs of students competing and training with provincially and nationally recognized sports associations.

Bill Crothers Secondary School (BCSS) is an inclusive, character-focused learning environment that links excellence in education and athletics with a commitment to healthy, active living for all students. A system wide school, BCSS is focused on the development of Health and Physical Education programming as well as sports and academic innovation and achievement. BCSS will continue to explore innovative ways to holistically implement the philosophies of Canadian Sport for Life to benefit everyone. Specialized programming is offered through our diverse and daily Health and Physical Education/Co-operative learning choices of Teaching Games for Understanding, Fitness for Life, Creative Movement, Long Term Athlete Development, and High Performance Athletes. Students have the choice in participating in our Specialist High Skills Major with a focus on sport that provides an additional graduation certification through unique sport- specific learning opportunities to pursue qualifications, certifications and experiential learning in the world of sport. To learn more about the application process or programs available at BCSS, plan to attend an information session.

Spectator Behaviour

All spectators at school athletic events are expected to:

  • Treat the premises, students, staff and players of the host school and officials with respect and courtesy.
  • Abide by the decisions of the officials whether or not they are in favour of your team.
  • Respond politely to the requests of officials and staff.
  • Remain in the areas designated for spectators and leave the playing surface clear at all times.
  • Be polite and courteous and use only appropriate language.
  • Refrain from any behaviour that might distract the athletes or officials or interfere with the progress of the game.
  • Applaud good plays and never make derogatory remarks about the officials, players or coaches of the other teams.
  • Be under the supervision of an adult, if an elementary school student.

Please respect the privacy rights of friends, neighbours and colleagues if you take photographs or videos at school events. Please refrain from publicly posting images and personal information of others on social media without their permission.