Weather Safety

Cold Weather Plan

We are in the business of having kids (and visiting adults) enjoy their day outdoors and do everything we can to set them up for success. When a cold front comes our way, the team works together with the visiting adults to make the best decision considering all circumstances (wind, sun, snow conditions) as every day and group is unique. We have the advantage of loaning out some extra equipment/clothing, tips to keep the group active and warm, frequent group checks, Dermatone available (alcohol-, and fragrance-free, PABA-free skin protectant with UVA and UVB protection) for cheeks and nose, and of course experience and a positive attitude in winter conditions. That being said, our first and foremost priority is keeping our group SAFE so below are some options that can be explored on those extremely cold winter days.​

What a Modified Day might look like at our Centre:

  • Extra equipment is available to loan out: hats, neck warmers, boots, some waterproof gloves and extra rain pants for waterproofing if needed
  • Use of more sheltered areas in the park, out of the wind, which can often make all the difference
  • Shorter outdoor time
  • Keeping activities close to the building with indoor warm-up options
  • Warm drinks available (hot chocolate, cedar tea)
  • Use of indoor space for AM, lunch, and PM programs.​

Guidelines for Appropriate Clothing for Each Season

Because most activities will be conducted outside, it is important that students are dressed suitably for outdoor activities. The table provided below will help you choose appropriate clothing for each season. Please check the weather report on the evening prior to the trip for specific conditions. ​​“There is no such thing as bad weather, only inappropriate clothing” ~Alfred Wainwright


​(September & October)

Winter ​

(November through March)​


(April through June)​

  • ​sun hat

  • sunscreen

  • closed toe shoes

  • sweater/sweat shirt

  • light, long pants

  • light jacket for cool/wet weather

  • boots, raincoat & pants

  • warm hat/gloves

  • extra socks!!

  • warm winter boots

  • winter jacket & snow/ski pants

  • long underwear

  • warm hat, neck warmer or scarf

  • waterproof (nylon) mittens/gloves

  • socks (wool if possible; bring an extra pair)

  • consider hand/foot warmers

  • dress in layers!!

  • sun hat

  • sunscreen

  • closed toe shoes

  • light, long pants (and appropriate length shorts in hot weather)

  • light jacket

  • cool/wet weather: boots, raincoat & pants

  • insect repellent (mid May to June) is OPTIONAL: please avoid aerosol brands

  • extra socks!!​

Dress for the Weather:Cold and Warm Weather Picture Diagram