Students and Parents

To access HPA programming you must apply for Co-op and have a pre-placement interview with the teacher. This helps to ensure that you are appropriately matched.

  • Students will complete a school Co-op Application package which includes a Student Handbook and Statement of Understanding Please see your school Co-op Department for more information.
  • See HPA Application Form (PDF)


How does it work?
HPA programming depends upon a working relationship between you the student, your coach/trainer, your parents/guardians and your teacher. All participating parties must agree to the HPA Protocol Agreement.

You select Co-op as part of the regular course selection process. You will then be invited to a pre-placement interview by the teacher to determine program readiness and placement choice. Co-op credits are linked to a related curriculum course that you have already taken or will be taking concurrently.

Your Co-op teacher is your monitoring teacher and will work with the placement supervisor (coach/trainer) and your subject-related teacher to develop a Co-operative Education Learning Plan (CELP) that is designed to complement your strengths, interests, and needs, thus enhancing your preparation for the future

Your placement supervisor will guide your learning through appropriate training and supervision. The supervisor meets with your teacher to assist with the development of the Co-operative Education Learning Plan (CELP) and to provide formative evaluation of your work performance.


Is it safe?
Health and Safety instruction is mandatory for anyone participating in Co-operative Education programs. Safety is a shared responsibility of your teacher, the placement supervisor and more importantly YOU.  There will be training and forms that will be completed with the Co-op teacher and training supervisor.


Is there Insurance Coverage?
Students participating in a HPA programs are not covered under the Workplace Safety and Insurance Act, 1997. Students must be covered by the training organization or their parents.


Liability Insurance
Students and training organizations are insured against a lawsuit arising out of the negligence of the student while performing the duties of the co-op placement. The Board does not cover personal injuries to the student.


Student Accident Insurance
Student Accident Insurance is made available to all York Region District School Board students. This insurance is optional and is paid for by students and parents. All Cooperative Education students are strongly encouraged to purchase a policy.


Am I paid?
Students do not normally receive a salary or wage for an education program in which students earn credits. There are circumstances where payment is a consideration.  You are, however, eligible to receive an honorarium or an expense and/or transportation allowance from your placement if they should offer it.  Please speak to your Co-operative Education teacher for more information.


What are the costs associated with the program?
There are costs associated with HPA programming that are the responsibility of the student, parent/guardian and/or training organization.


How do I get a Co-op student?
See the Co-operative Education Head or Guidance/Career Education Head in your school.