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Students who meet the following criteria may apply for OYAP:

  • enrolled in grade 11 or 12 Co-op

  • 15 years by the start of their placement

  • completed 14 credits by the start of their placement

  • competent in English, math and science, technological education as required by their chosen trade

  • possess the interests and aptitudes required by their chosen trade

  • have a strong work ethic, commitment, and interest in learning the trade


Education Requirements

  • Students must be registered in high school as a full time or part time student.

  • To receive an OSSD, students must still complete all necessary credits.

  • Components of the apprenticeship training will be included in the student's Cooperative Education Learning Plan (CELP).

  • Must be enrolled in grade 11 or 12 Co-op program with an eligible placement available as arranged through the school.


Apprenticeship Requirements

  • The student's Co-op placement must be linked to a related high school credit

  • Students who want to be registered as an apprentice must be sponsored by a qualified employer approved by the Ministry of Labour, Immigration and Skills Development Ontario.

  • Students must follow an on-the-job training program based on the specific standards (Training Standards Manual) for their chosen trade. They may also receive related theoretical instruction at a high school or other approved training provider.


How does OYAP work?

The Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Program (OYAP) offers students a chance to attend high school and train as registered apprentices at the same time. Students are able to complete their credits required for an Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) and gain apprenticeship training and providing a head start towards a Certificate of Qualification in a skilled trade at the same time.

In Grade 10:

Students can apply for Cooperative Education for grade 11 and complete the application process through the Co-op teacher at their school.

In Grade 11 and/or 12:

Students can apply for Cooperative Education for grade 11 and/or 12, and complete the application process through the Co-op teacher at their school. Students can participate in a 2 or 4 credit Cooperative Education placement in an apprenticeable area linked to related in-school credits. Students have the opportunity to be formally registered as apprentices and begin accumulating hours/competencies towards their apprenticeship certification while still in high school. Student they earn their high school Co-op credits at the same time!

After High School graduation:

An OYAP student who has successfully completed 30 high school credits (including the compulsory credits) will be awarded the Ontario Secondary School Diploma. The OYAP student can then take one of the following pathways:

  • continue from OYAP into a full-time apprenticeship with an employer. The apprentice will complete the remainder of the on-the-job training and in-school training courses at an approved training centre, as outlined in their contract/training agreement. The employer agrees to release the apprentice for the 2-3 periods of in-school training at an approved training centre, during which time the apprentice is eligible for various incentives and subsidies to offset the costs of training. At the end of the 2-5 year training program, apprentices may apply to write the certification exam, and if successful, they receive their certification and become a qualified journeyperson.

  • enroll in an accredited community college modified apprenticeship or pre-apprenticeship training program. At the end of this college program, the apprentice finds an employer with whom she/he can earn a wage while completing the remainder of the apprenticeship.

  • enroll at a university or college or other training institutes to pursue other options.

  • end the OYAP experience and find work in another sector.


How do I get started?

To get started on a path towards a great career in the skilled trades, following these five steps:

1. Choose a trade by doing your research on MyPathwayPlanner and visit for more information on OYAP. The more you know about yourself, the better. By exploring your interests, talents and abilities and finding out more about various trades, you will discover a trade that is right for you. 

2. Complete the Co-op application process and enroll in grade 11 or 12 Co-op at your school.

3. Meet with your Co-op teacher, who will discuss the OYAP program with you, answer any questions you may have and assist you in finding the placement best suited to your likes and abilities.

4. Participate in a Co-op experience in the trade you have chosen.

5. Register with the Ministry of Labour, Immigration and Skills Development Ontario as an apprentice through your Co-op program.


Who do I see in the school for more information about Cooperative Education programs?

Please see the Co-op/ALEP Teacher or Guidance/Career Education Teacher in your school.


Want more information on OYAP?

Visit the OYAP Website

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