SHSMs would not be possible without the contributions of community partners who support programs through the provision of experiential learning opportunities such as career talks, facility tours, job shadowing experiences, and cooperative education placements.

What are the benefits for your business and community organization?
Your organization gets to:

  • participate in the education of today's youth
  • identify potential future employees
  • showcase your activities
  • work with motivated students who are willing to learn and take on new tasks
  • develop greater understanding between the community and today's youth

How does it work?
Community partners can participate in SHSM in a variety of ways. Involvement can range from giving an in-class career presentation to a group of students to providing cooperative education placements to students that span an entire semester.

If you are interested in becoming a community partner please contact the SHSM School Coordinator or Community-Based Education Department Head at your local YRDSB high school or register online at the YRDSB Employer Registry.