Students and Parents

How does it work?

You first attend an SHSM information session at your school to learn about the available programs. You then have an interview with your SHSM School Coordinator or Co-op teacher. This helps to identify your interests, skills and abilities and enables the program to be personalised to meet your needs. You take a package of 8-10 required credits in grades 11 and 12 comprised of:

  • 4 "major" credits; 2 in grade 11 and 2 in grade 12. These courses provide knowledge and skills closely related to the particular industry/business sector that you are interested in.
  • 2- 4 additional required credits for courses in English and other relevant subjects (e.g., science, mathematics, business studies, Canadian and world studies and social sciences and humanities), to support the major credits. These courses include learning activities that are customised to the particular industry/business sector.
  • 2 cooperative education credits linked to courses in the required bundle of courses. Your co-op placement is also in the business/industry sector.
  • Compulsory safety and industry/business sector specific training and certifications.
  • Experiential learning related to the industry/business sector through job shadowing, job twinning, work experience, and cooperative education.
  • "Reach ahead" opportunities which allow you to experience what it is like to study or work in your chosen postsecondary destination.
  • Development of essential skills and work habits, and use of the Ontario Skills Passport (OSP) to document progress.


What are the costs associated with the program?

The school board receives funding from the Ministry of Education to cover all costs related to training, certification and reach ahead opportunities. Participation in some co-op placements may involve additional costs. Please check with the Community-Based Education Head in your school to find out what options are available to provide assistance to those students whose financial circumstances make it difficult for them to participate.


Who do I see in the school for more information about Specialist High Skills Major Programs?

See the SHSM School Coordinator, the Guidance/Career Education Head or Community-Based Education Head in your school for more information.