Anti-Black Racism

Image of youth holding paper and words Dismantling Anti-Black Racism Strategy: Creating anti-racist and Black affirming learning and working environments

Dismantling Anti-Black Racism Strategy

In response to continued evidence of anti-Black racism in Canadian institutions, including in education, the Board has co-developed an anti-Black racism strategy.

Every student should have the opportunity to achieve personal excellence, and to feel safe, welcome and valued. Our priority of championing equity and inclusivity has a focus on addressing incidents of anti-Black racism.

That work includes:

  • ​Our Anti-Black Racism Steering Committee and Anti-Black Racism Advisory Group continue to guide the development of an Anti-Black Racism Strategy for our Board. 

  • We are updating our Report It Tool to make it easier to report incidents of hate and discrimination, including anti-Black racism. 

  • We are providing training for all staff members on anti-Black racism.

  • We continue to analyze the data from our recently completed census titled Every Student Counts to help us better understand the experiences of our students, identify barriers and ensure we are making meaningful progress in supporting our students.

  • Our curriculum department has been reviewing the tools we use to select the books and texts used in classrooms to ensure we are taking a more equitable and inclusive approach. 


Community Agencies

Learn more about Black community agencies that provide supports in your area:

Reporting Incidents

We are committed to creating safe, caring and inclusive learning environments. If you see incidents of discrimination or hate, including anti-Black racism, you can use the Report It form to report these incidents. 

Three generations of family

Celebrating Black Excellence

We are celebrating some of the amazing people who represent Black Excellence in our community.