There are many opportunities to get involved. Please contact your child’s teacher or principal for more information. All volunteers must comply with the Volunteers in Our Schools Policy and Procedure and:

  • Complete the Volunteers in Our Schools Form, available through the school.

  • Submit a Vulnerable Sector Screening completed within the last six months (requirement for new volunteers) OR sign the Annual Offence Declaration (returning volunteers).

  • Sign a Confidentiality Agreement.

  • Complete training, as required. 

Possible volunteer activities include:

  • reading to children and listening to children read
  • playing learning games with groups of children
  • preparing materials for classroom use
  • assisting in the computer lab or library
  • supervising children on field trips
  • assisting with fundraising
  • organizing assemblies and celebrations for various events
  • assisting with lunches or milk programs
  • assisting with the development of dual language books for classrooms and libraries
  • assisting as a facilitator or translator at literacy meetings
  • welcoming new families and students to your school as an ambassador
  • creating bulletin boards and displays for holidays and observances
  • helping with the Safe Arrival Program
  • typing or scribing children’s stories
  • helping to coach
  • visiting classrooms as a guest speaker
  • volunteering in your child’s classroom or in the school
  • participating on school council
  • participating on a Board Committee (see below)


Board Committees

Parents and members of the community are encouraged to provide input to the Board of Trustees on special education, parent engagement and equity and inclusivity through the Special Education Advisory Committee, Parent, Family and Community Engagement Advisory Committee and the Equity and Inclusivity Advisory Committee.

For additional information about how you can volunteer to be involved in these committees, please contact Board and Trustee Services at extension 2262, 2327 or 2217.