Employability Skills

Employability skills are skills that you have accumulated over time, that you are able to transfer from one learning experience to another. These skills are also referred to as essential skills and transferable skills. Specific jobs may require specific skills, experiences and/or training.

The following will provide more information:

  • Ontario Skills Passport (OSP) has a database of examples of the specific, real-life skills and work habits that are required for specific occupations.

  • Character Matters - Employee Attributes sought by Employers in York Region

  • Information on the NOC code is available from the Government of Canada website.

  • My Pathway Planner is an excellent tool to match your interests, abilities and education with suitable potential occupations.

  • Measure Up! is a free web-based tool that tests your essential skills. The self-assessments found in Measure Up! have not been subjected to the rigorous validity and reliability standards of TOWES