Vaughan SS Name Change

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At yesterday’s YRDSB Board Meeting, the Board of Trustees voted unanimously to rename Vaughan Secondary School after a report went to the Board on the school renaming. This decision is consistent with Policy #445, School Names policy and procedures, that requires school names to be based on principles of equity while considering the culture, history and accomplishments of the school(s) affected. 

We recognize that the association with Benjamin Vaughan causes hurt and harm to members of our school community. We are committed to creating a safe, equitable and inclusive environment for all of our students. It is important that our education system is responsive to the lived experiences of all of our community members, including students and families of our Black community. This is the right and necessary decision to make. 

Students, staff members and families can continue to feel proud of being a part of this school and a school community that centres equity and inclusivity and shows a commitment to anti-Black racism. Supports will be made available through the school to ensure students and staff are supported, including curriculum and mental health supports. 

The process to determine a new name for the school is led by the school Trustee. As that process is determined, more information will be shared with the school community. As a first step, today the Board has removed the name “Vaughan” from the front signage of the school. We look forward to continuing to work with the community to provide an environment where all students feel welcome, respected and supported.


Juanita Nathan

Board Chair