North Star 2017-2018

North Star recognizes teachers nominated by other teachers for outstanding achievement and contributions to establish a positive school climate.

Recognition of achievements is based on alignment with the organizational goals outlined by the Trustees’ Multi-Year Plan in combination with the criteria set out in Staff Awards and Student Awards policies.​


2017-2018 North Star Recipients


Deborah Godin, Bogart Public School

June 2018

Deborah Godin with Board representatives

This month’s North Star recipient is Deborah Godin from Bogart Public School in Newmarket. Deborah was nominated by her colleague, Maria Thomaidis:

I nominated Deb Godin because of the following reasons:

  • When I transferred into Bogart, she was the one who made me feel welcomed and helped me integrate seamlessly into the school culture.

  • She always has my back; it is an important piece in teaching when you feel supported by your colleagues (the social-emotional piece).

  • She is the intermediate teacher lead, and organizes everything for our division; outings, meetings, and presentations.

  • She keeps us apprised of any workshops that would support our interests or that would benefit our teaching.

Deb is not your standard "cheerleader" teacher or colleague, but at the end of the day, she makes my daily experience one that I enjoy and look forward to.

Khadijah Rawji, Roselawn Public School

April 2018

Khadijah Rawji with Board representatives

​April’s North Star recipient is Khadijah Rawji from Roselawn Public School. The North Star award honours teachers who contribute to the well-being of their peers and the morale of their workplace. The award is based on nominations from fellow teachers only.

Khadijah was nominated for this award by her colleague Lisa Jaskolka. Below is an excerpt of her nomination:

I feel very lucky to have Khadijah as a coworker. She goes above and beyond to engage in conversations daily with staff and students to see how they are doing and if there is any way to support them. She is always looking for ways to collaborate with other staff to share her knowledge, skills, and ideas.

As a new teacher, I appreciate her offering to assist me with areas that I have worked on improving...Khadijah is an active member of our social committee and she consistently tries to organize new and fun ways for staff to get together to bond, socialize and unwind.

It is such a pleasure working with Khadijah.

Patricia Dipede, Stouffville District Secondary School

March 2018

Patricia Depede with Board representatives

Patricia Dipede teaches at Stouffville District Secondary School. She was nominated for the North Star by her colleague Marek Przemieniecki.

Below is an excerpt of the nomination:

Pat has demonstrated real leadership in her department, running programs for students and teachers alike that help us all succeed and do better...Pat has also spent the majority of her career supporting her peers, including being an OSSTF committee member, running our elections, chairing our OSSTF meetings, and generally having an open door that allows any and all staff to drop by, have a chat over a warm cup of coffee or tea, and help us figure out what we need to do to be better, in every sense of the word.

Pat is without a doubt, the ideal teacher to be considered for a North Star award.

Chris Vroom from Stouffville District Secondary School

February 2018

Chris Vroom with Board representatives

Chris Vroom from Stouffville District Secondary School is February’s North Star recipient. Chris was nominated for this award by his colleague Jack Hammond.

Below is an excerpt from the nomination:

Chris is the consummate professional, who is ready and able to step into the breach to ensure that every teacher, most of whom are LTO's, is supported, valued, and appreciated. Chris is a beacon of erudition, whose extensive, deep, and broad insight into so many areas of study make him the go-to guy for any question. His first concern is always for others, and his gentle demeanour, lightning-quick wit, and gentlemanly courtesy make it a privilege to work with him.

Chris never fails to maintain his positive outlook, his professional standard of excellence, and his genuine care of those around him. This school, and his colleagues…are blessed by his presence.

Stacey Sadacharan who teaches at Alexander Mackenzie High School

December 2017​

Stacey Sadacharan with Board representatives

December’s North Star recipient is Stacey Sadacharan who teaches at Alexander Mackenzie High School. She was nominated for this award by her colleague Tiffany Kattis:

Stacey is a department head at our school and has always chosen her courses last. She allows us to pick and receive our first course choices and she teaches whatever is left behind. She sacrifices her lunch, prep, and afterschool time to help her staff members and students.

She has built a network within our school by joining various councils so that we are a well-functioning school. She acknowledges everyone in our team by simply having an open door policy. Stacey always thinks of others and how to showcase their talents.

She is a person who is positive and wears a beautiful smile, even when times are tough. Whether we celebrate birthdays (or other engagements), going out for lunches, and joining numerous committees, Stacey always has the time to listen and guide her staff and students.

She is a very thoughtful person and has always been a North Star at our school.