Tip Sheet: Accessing Google ​M​eet Through YRDSB Online Learning Platforms

Accessing Google Meet Instructions From YRDSB Online Learning Platforms (D2L, Edsby, Moodle)

Teachers can provide opportunities for your child to access a Google Meet through their chosen Online Learning Platform (ie. D2L, Edsby, Moodle). 


These instructions will guide your child to access Google Meet through these platforms.


If your child’s teacher is using Google Classroom find instructions for accessing Google Meet through Google Classroom.


Step-by-Step Instruction​s


1. Your child’s teacher will have provided a link and a nickname to join the Google Meet. Click the Google Meet Link. ​


Students will need to log into their GAPPS account to use the ‘Nickname’ feature.

Purple arrow pointing to the meet.google.com web address with placeholder text for the nickname used to access the meeting. 

2. From the Google Meet homepage, your child may need to login to their YRDSB google account. 


Choose ‘Sign in’ from the top right of the screen.

A purple arrow points to the gear next to the words sign in on the Google Meet homepage to indicate where students should login. 

3. You will first need to enter the student’s full email.




You will then be redirected to the YRDSB login page where you will need to enter the student number and password.

An image of the Google sign-in page is shown with the field for the student email. A purple arrow points to the YRDSB login page that follows with two purple arrows that point to the username and password fields. 

4. After logging in, choose ‘Join or start a meeting’.

A purple arrow points to the Join or start a meeting field shown in green.  

5. Enter the ‘nickname’ for the Google Meet your child’s teacher has shared and click continue.

A purple arrow points to the field where students should enter the nickname of the Google meeting. A green continue button is shown in the righthand corner.  

6. If using Google Meet for the first time, allow Google Meet to access your camera and microphone. 


Your child can always choose before or during the Meet to turn their camera off and mute their microphone.

Shows the pop-up window for allowing Google Meet to access your microphone and camera. A purple arrow points to the microphone and camera icon, with the word allow surrounded by a white box. 

7. You and your child can choose to turn your camera on or off. If the camera is off and microphone muted, the icons will be red.


Please remind your child to keep their microphone muted when they enter the Google Meet. They will be instructed to unmute their microphone by their teacher.

Image of the Google Meet starting page. A purple arrow points to the red microphone and camera buttons showing that camera and microphone are turned off. 

8. OPTIONAL: Your child can also choose to turn on captions before they enter the meeting. 


Choose the three dots in the right-hand side and​ select turn on captions. Select “Turn on captions” in the following menu.

A purple arrow points to the three dots that must be selected to turn on captions. Another purple arrow points to Turn on Captions. 

9. Choose ‘Join now’ to join the Google Meet. 


Your child will not be able to enter the meeting if their teacher is not present

A purple arrow points to the green Join now button. 

10. When in the Google Meet, your child can unmute their microphone when instructed by the teacher.

A purple arrow points to the red icons showing the microphone is muted and the camera turned off. 

11. When the meeting is finished, your child should click the ‘hangup’ button to leave the meeting.

A purple arrow points to the phone icon that is used to leave the meeting.


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