Anti-Black Racism

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Dear families, 

Today, we became aware of a social media message depicting an anti-black racist image that was seen by a student and a parent. The image is a hurtful and offensive depiction of anti-black racism. Contrary to some posts on social media, the image was not shown in a classroom or to a full class of students. The image was posted to an online platform in preparation for a future lesson to discuss and deconstruct anti-black racism. Subsequently, the image was accessed by a very limited number of individuals looking at future lesson plans. Upon learning that this occurred, the school and board took immediate action to remove the image, investigate the incident and provide support to those affected. Notwithstanding the intent and limited access of the image, the impact was one of hurt and an incident of anti-black racism. We’re sorry for the hurt this has caused, and the effect it is having on others as the image is shared on social media. 

Our primary concern is student safety and well-being. Appropriate support is being offered to those affected, which includes attempting to ensure their privacy.

Our Board is committed to championing equity and inclusivity. Unfortunately, we know that incidents may occur and we will continue to address them in an appropriate manner and in the best interests of our students, their families and the community.


Corrie McBain                      Louise Sirisko                     ​

Board Chair​                         Director of Education