Parents Reaching Out (PRO) Grants for School Councils

The Parents Reaching Out (PRO) Grants program provides funding to district school boards and school authorities to lead projects with a focus on the identification and removal of barriers that prevent parents and families from participating and engaging fully in their children's learning.

School projects will demonstrate a commitment to respecting the role of parents and families in students’ educational experiences by working with parents and families or seeking parent input on how schools can create identity affirming schools and communities in at least one of the following areas:

  • Addressing social inclusion, racism, hate and discrimination toward racialized and marginalized groups 

  • Supporting identity affirming, culturally responsive and healing centered mental health strategies

  • Engaging parent and community voices, in particular those voices of historically marginalized groups 

  • Knowledge building for parents on the opportunities for students in a de-streamed classroom and/or a comprehensive literacy program. 


Additional Guid​e​lines:

  • Create an outreach plan to inform parents of the program and its outcomes.

  • Funding must be spent within the school year it was issued.

  • Project(s) must be completed and funding must be spent before the last day of school in the current school year.​



Project(s) identify and address local barriers to parent engagement are implemented through a variety of means which may include but are not limited to:

  • Parent resources

  • Parent engagement sessions 

  • Parent information sessions

  • Project(s) will reflect the diversity of our communities 


Project​ Results:

  • Parents have increased awareness of school activities and initiatives 

  • Parents have improved experiences of a welcoming school where parents’ perspectives are encouraged, valued and heard 

  • Parents are more involved in their local school environment and child’s education 

  • Parents experience fewer barriers to participation in their child’s learning

  • Racialized parents are aware of and supported to take on leadership opportunities in their school and board community 

  • Parents feel like valued partners in the education system 

  • Parents have increased confidence in public education 

  • Parents understand how to address local needs and systemic barriers in the school community 

  • Parents are connected with each other and with members of their community 

  • Parents are provided with the knowledge, skills and tools they need to support their child’s learning at home and at school 


Terms and Conditions:

  1. Funding must only be used for the approved project(s). Changes that impact the nature and/or objectives of the project(s) must be reported to  Funding may not be used for ineligible expenses as outlined below.

  2. If the grant does not cover the entire cost of the project(s), the school council is responsible for funding the balance from other sources.

  3. The implementation and completion of the project(s) is the responsibility of the school council.

  4. The school council will acknowledge the Province's contribution on press releases, printed materials, conferences, workshops and other materials.

  5. Subject to the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act, and the Municipal Freedom of Information and Privacy Act, all information pertaining to this grant is public information and may be released to third parties upon request.


Ineligible Project Costs or Activities include but a​re not limited to the following:

  • Activities that took place before the start of the current school year

  • Payment to school board staff or volunteers, including salaries, honoraria, gifts, etc.

  • Refreshments exceeding 10% of the approved funding

  • Out-of-province travel

  • Debts or financial losses that result from a project

  • Fundraising events

E​ach school council is responsible for submitting its own application.  If working in partnership with another school, each school council is eligible for funding up to $800 and is responsible for costs not covered by the funding received.

A reminder to schools: Do NOT use School Generated Funds (SGF) to make ANY purchases for your PRO Grant project. SGF cannot be reimbursed using Operating/Ministry funds.



Schools and school councils submit the application for review and approval at their earliest convenience to ensure the funds can be used within the school year.

Please connect with the school Principal for further information, including the link for the application form. 

If approved, the school council is responsible for:

  1. successful completion of the project(s)

  2. submission of a final report (via Google form) to occur once the project is complete or at the latest, by the last day of school in the current school year; all proof of purchases (e.g., invoices, receipts, etc.) to be scanned and stored by the school. Any documentation is to be made accessible for audit purposes.

Further details will be provided to schools in the approval notification of their project(s).

For more information

For more information, contact Leadership Development and Engagement.