Secondary Virtual School

The York Region District School Board (YRDSB) has partnered with the Toronto District School Board (TDSB) to allow students interested in attending virtual school in the 2023-2024 school year the opportunity to register in the TDSB’s Secondary Virtual School.

Students currently registered in a YRDSB school, should schedule an appointment at their school to make arrangements to enroll at TDSB.  Students who are new to YRDSB should visit our School Registration page to assist you through the steps.

Students who register for TDSB’s Secondary Virtual School will:

  • be students of the TDSB;

  • be able to register for the TDSB Virtual School only prior to the commencement of each semester;

  • have access to all learning materials and resources through the TDSB while registered at the TDSB Secondary Virtual School;

  • return to their home school in the YRDSB at any time during the school year if they choose to withdraw from TDSB’s Secondary Virtual School, and

  • graduate from the TDSB’s virtual school if they are in their graduating year.


For students and families who have requested TDSB Virtual School, returned the Consent to Exchange Information form and had their registration information confirmed by SVS, student information and course selection requests have been shared with TDSB.  TDSB is working on timetables and will be in touch with families if they require more information regarding course selection.  Students can expect to receive their timetables at the start of the school year, as per past practice.