Bullying Prevention

Every student has a right to learn in a safe, caring and supportive environment.

The Board has a bullying prevention strategy​, and our schools are actively engaged in bullying awareness, intervention and prevention through programs including Roots of Empathy, Restorative Practices, Empowered Student Partnerships, Bullying Awareness and Prevention Week and more. ​​​​


What is bullying?

From the Ontario Education Act bullying is defined as being; Aggressive and typically repeated behaviour by a pupil where,

  • the behaviour is intended by the pupil to have the effect of, or the pupil ought to know that the behaviour would be likely to have the effect of,
    • ​​causing harm, fear or distress to another individual, including physical, psychological, social or academic harm, harm to the individual’s reputation or harm to the individual’s property, or
    • creating a negative environment at a school for another individual, and​
  • ​the behaviour occurs in a context where there is a real or perceived power imbalance between the pupil and the individual based on factors such as size, strength, age, intelligence, peer group power, economic status, social status, religion, ethnic origin, sexual orientation, family circumstances, gender, gender identity, gender expression, race, disability or the receipt of special education; (“intimidation”)

​​​In addition, for the purposes of the definition of “bullying” above, behaviour includes the use of any physical, verbal, electronic, written or other means.


What happens if a student bu​llies another student?

Instances of bullying, cyberbullying or intimidation are dealt with under the Board’s Caring and Safe Schools Policy, and its related procedures.

Cyberbullying is misconduct carried out over the internet and may be subject to school discipline whether carried out at school, at home or elsewhere if it affects the school climate.


Who can I talk to if I am being bullied?

Talk to a family member, school staff member or trusted friend about any incident of bullying, harassment or intimidation by other students. If there is severe violence or threat of harm, we recommend students or their parents/guardians contact the local police immediately for assistance.

There are resources available for parents/guardians if your child is being bullied or engaged in bullying, including Bullying: We Can All Help Stop It available through the Ministry of Education in multiple languages.


You can a​lso:

Report It - Caring and Safe Schools