Restorative Approaches

In York Region, some staff and schools have chosen to adopt Restorative Approaches as a framework to address conflicts so that in a conflict situation no one is left behind and everyone is a part of the solution. When we take the time to do this, we increase school safety, build community and create a sense of belonging.

Where differences arise in our schools, we have a responsibility to work together to seek just and equitable solutions and to ensure the dignity of all who are involved in a conflict situation. The focus is on positive discipline, accountability, and support.

Restorative Approaches is an important part of the YRDSB commitment to building positive climates for learning.

Restorative Approaches values:

  • An inclusive approach to problem solving so that feelings, needs and views of everyone in a given community are taken into account
  • The deliberate creation of school cultures and communities where all are encouraged not only to listen, but to have a voice and make valued contributions.
  • A belief in people’s ability to resolve their own problems given time, support and a chance to tell their story
  • Respectful relationships
  • Development of skills needed for conflict resolution

An important component of a Restorative Approach is the use of Restorative questions to help gather information, understand an incident and what needs to happen next, address the harm done, restore relationships and reflect on learning. All involved work with each other and ask:

  • Who has been hurt?
  • How have they been affected?
  • How can all involved consider what needs to be done to “make things right” and through so doing, restore relationships?

For further information please contact your community school.