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March 2023 - Spatial Sense in the Curriculum

If you look at the new math curriculum - you may think geometry and measurement are missing, but they are actually now grouped together in Spatial Sense. These areas are combined to emphasize the relationship between geometry and measurement and to highlight the role of spatial reasoning in the development of both. 

Math Newsletter

February 2023 - It’s Cold. Let’s Talk About Integers

Any one of the numbers …, -4, -3, -2, -1, 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, …. Integers are the entire set of whole numbers and their opposites (negative numbers).

Although not formally introduced until grade 6, children are exposed to positive and negative numbers in their everyday lives, even at a young age.  The winter months offer lots of possibilities to help children understand integers as the temperatures often dip below 0. This provides great opportunities to discuss negative numbers in a context that is meaningful and relevant during everyday routines like getting ready for school.  

Math Newsletter

June 2022 - Math Outdoors

In our everyday life, even if we are not always consciously aware of it, we are using math to understand and make sense of the world.  This is especially true when we are engaging in tasks outdoors.  Exploring the outdoors, whether in a forest or in a busy downtown core, offers a wealth of mathematical learning opportunities.  This summer, take the time to discover the different and exciting math in your community and beyond.

Primary Tasks:

Math Newsletter

May 2022 - Spatial Reasoning

Do you know that working on your Spatial Reasoning actually helps develop stronger number sense and overall mathematical understanding? 

“Research on spatial reasoning substantiates the critical importance of spatial reasoning abilities in geometry, measurement and problem solving both early in students’ mathematics experiences as well as later in high school and beyond, especially in STEM areas” (Shumway, 2013, p. 50).

So, what exactly do we mean by spatial reasoning? 

Math Newsletter

April 2022 - Math Facts and Fluency

Number sense is an important part of mathematics learning, and is essential to our daily lives.  Educators often say that they want students to have automaticity with their math facts, but what do they mean by this?

Math Newsletter