Tips For Secondary School Course Selection

Grade 8 and secondary school students select courses in February for the following September. 

Here are some tips and reminders for students and families planning their course selection. 

  1. You do not need to make decisions alone. Consult with your family. Teachers, guidance counselors, student success teachers, graduation coaches and other school staff are there to help you. 

  2. Plan. You can use My Pathway Planner to track your courses, find post-secondary pathway options and look up course descriptions and prerequisites. Learn how to create your plan

  3. Explore your options. There are many courses, programs and opportunities available at all YRDSB secondary schools that let you gain skills, experience, credits and certifications in the fields that interest you. You can now search for these opportunities by sector.  There are also other ways to earn credits, including summer school, night school, online learning, Indigenous and International languages and more. 

  4. Review graduation requirements. You are responsible for ensuring you select courses that meet diploma requirements. 

  5. Review course types. Selecting courses that meet your needs is the first step to experiencing success in secondary school. Your guidance counselor will help you to choose appropriate courses throughout secondary school as students plan for their initial post-secondary destination.

  6. Be aware of course prerequisites. This is a course that must be successfully completed before taking the course that follows. You can use My Pathway Planner to look up course descriptions and prerequisites. 

  7. Know where to go if you have questions. Speak with your guidance counselor or other staff members at the school. Talk to your family members. Learn more about course selection, graduation requirements and options available to you in secondary school on the Board website.

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