Tip Sheet: Booking Parent-Teacher Interviews in Edsby

Booking Parent-Teacher Interviews/Student Led Conferences

Parent-Teacher Interviews can be scheduled online through Edbsy as long as you have activated your Edsby account. When it is time to book a Parent-Teacher interview, a message will be sent to your Edsby messaging inbox, and send a notification to your email address. 

Booking Appointments

To book an appointment: 

  1. Sign into Edsby
  2. Go into your Messages on the navigation bar at the top left.  Select the Book Parent-Teacher Interview button. 
    Message on the Navigation Bar
    Select the Book Parent-Teacher Interview button
  3. To choose a time, click on any available slot. To change a time of an appointment, click on any slot labelled “change”. To cancel an appointment, click unbook.
    Choose a time
  4. Select Done to view a summary of the schedule.

If you need to make a change to the schedule, you will be able to click the Make Changes button until the schedule closes.   ​​ 

Printing a Schedule

To print the interview schedule, choose File > Print or Ctrl + P.

Print Schedule