Community Use of Facilities and Grounds (including Playing Fields)

Keeping our schools and grounds in clean and safe condition is a priority for Plant Services. In doing so, it is important that various activities be seen as a cooperative and collaborative responsibility of Board staff, students and the community/visitors; all are asked to support the Board’s environmental, waste management and recycling efforts.

While staff and students participate in various clean-up activities throughout the year, the community is reminded that while on Board property:

  • the disposal of public waste in school containment bins is not permitted;
  • leaving litter or waste on school grounds and playing fields, including fireworks, toxic and dangerous materials or any form of illegal dumping is not permitted;
  • the "Stoop and Scoop" of pet waste is a by-law requirement of each municipality; and
  • all pets shall be kept on-leash when being walked on school board property.

Caring for our school community will help to ensure our schools and administrative centres remain in good condition for everyone to enjoy.


Playing Fields

As spring arrives each year, school fields may initially look dry and inviting yet could remain closed to play. In order to prepare for sports seasons and taking into consideration the safety of the students and community in properly preparing the fields for sport and competition, if there is still frost in the playing fields and the turf has not yet started to grow for the season, any early play on the fields will slow the early grass growth and could potentially close the field for the rest of the year while the field surface recovers.

Plant Services, in coordination with the Board’s Permit Department, York Region Athletic Association (YRAA) and secondary school Physical Education Department Heads, has an established procedure to determine when playing fields are to be officially opened and closed each year.

The cooperation of staff, students and community members in the matter of recognizing when fields are closed is appreciated so that our fields (and outdoor classrooms) remain in playable shape for our students and the community groups who permit their use.

For Further Information

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