Services Teams



Caretaking Operations

Through the hiring, deployment, training and promotion of Caretaking staff, Caretaking Operations contributes to learning-ready environments and Board facilities in compliance with health and safety standards and building code regulations.

Primary service include:

  • contributing to education and learning initiatives by sharing relevant skills and experiences with students;
  • general cleaning and preventative maintenance;
  • monitoring the efficient operations of building and mechanical components;
  • performing legislated and required inspections;
  • providing system direction in the collection, transfer and disposal of recyclable and waste materials;
  • supporting the environmental initiatives of the Board; and
  • refining workplace practices and operations.

Building Systems

Responsible for the promotion of positive energy conservation.

Primary services include:

  • supporting and monitoring computer-based building automation systems;
  • purchasing and managing utility systems;
  • evaluating and implementing new technologies which lead to energy and environmental conservation.

Quality Standards

Respond to the communication, training and information management requirements for Plant Services.

Primary services include:

  • the development of operational documents including policies, procedures, department practices and system communications;
  • the coordination, monitoring and record keeping of regulatory and health and safety compliance-based training for Plant Services staff;
  • information management and document retention; and
  • supporting Plant Services and department initiatives.


Maintenance and Construction

Maintenance & Construction Services

Manage all aspects of facilities (buildings, sites, portable classrooms) including repairs, renovations, and replacements.
Primary services include:

  • responding to emergency and repair requests (over 34,000 annually) via the Maintenance Centre trades staff;
  • management of preventive and scheduled maintenance service and repairs (e.g. fire alarm systems);
  • management of renewal projects (e.g. flooring, windows, painting, roofing, plumbing, mechanical / electrical systems, and landscaping);
  • the coordination of Board staff and contractors to complete repairs, renovations, and replacements;
  • managing the contractor pre-qualification process in conjunction with Purchasing Services;
  • prioritization of renewal projects, preparation of tender documents, and monitoring of project schedules and budgets; 
  • maintaining and improving the aesthetic elements of facilities
  • the design and construction of new and replacement schools and additions;
  • managing the continuous improvement process for prototypical elementary and secondary school designs;
  • directing all phases of construction from tender and specifications to the conclusion of the warranty period;
  • monitoring the performance of architects and contractors;
  • portable inventory and relocation; and
  • identifying and fulfilling furniture and equipment requirements for new schools.


Senior Administration

While responding to Board and Ministry initiatives, plans and programs, this team works in close cooperation with senior Board staff.  Primary services include:

  • strategic and policy development;
  • budget and financial management;
  • Board reports and department plans for growth and improvement;
  • new school design and facility renewal; and
  • resource allocation and the effective stewardship of Board resources.