Water Flushing & Well Water Management

Plant Services and the Board’s Health and Safety Services team are responsible for the maintenance of wells, the installation of water treatment equipment, notifications of adverse water results, water sampling, training, and records maintenance in order to provide safe, potable drinking water that meets regulatory requirements for staff and students.

Currently, the schools and facilities owned or operated by the York Region District School Board to which Ontario Regulation 170/03 Drinking Water Systems Regulation (Reg. 170/03) made under the Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA) applies include:

Burrlington Outdoor Resource Centre (BORC)

Deer Park Public School

Kettleby Public School

Morning Glory Public School

Vivian Outdoor Resource Centre (VORC)

Whitchurch Highlands Public School

In response to the Drinking Water System regulation, the Annual Reports for Schools on Wells are published for public access.