Ministry of Education - Green Energy Act (2009) (Regulation 379/11)

As per regulatory requirements, the York Region District School Board Green Energy Act Report was submitted to the Ministry of Education and is also shared for public information.

The 2021 Report and Conservation Goals (Excel / pdf version) have been prepared and submitted in alignment with Ministry data requirements. In addition to this year, an Energy Conservation and Demand Plan for 2019-2023 (pdf)​ has been added to the list of required reports.

While individual site-based summaries are provided, it is not the intent to rank schools based on total usage as there are numerous variables that impact energy consumption on a site-by-site basis; therefore simple consumption comparisons cannot be made. These variables can include:

  • Year the school was built;

  • Site location and orientation of the building;

  • Design and configuration of the building;

  • Additional building features (e.g. portables, shared use space)

  • Operational times beyond the standard school day/school year (e.g. community use, permits, summer school and programs, night school); and

  • Types of building systems and supporting infrastructure within the school.

Where the data is beneficial to the school board is in the context of examining and exploring the best facility designs and operational and behavioural practices that equate to greater consumption savings, and then utilizing this information to learn and share, both within our system and with other school boards across Ontario.


For further information regarding the York Region District School Board’s Green Energy Act Reports, please contact:

Jerry Stoangi, Senior Manager of Plant Services or;

Pierre Schipper, Manager, Facilities Services (Operations).​​

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