Vice-Principal Selection Process

In line with our board’s succession planning, the Vice-Principal Selection Process is committed to meeting the organization’s diverse talent development needs and contributes to building a workforce reflective of the communities we serve.  Through our recruitment strategy, the best candidates are selected based on:

  • education

  • skills

  • qualifications

  • experience

The selection process is open to both internal and external applicants and is coordinated by a central team consisting of a:

  • One Elementary Principal

  • One Secondary Principal

  • One Superintendent of Education

  • Human Resource Services Superintendent

  • Manager, Recruitment and Retention

  • Administrative support

The committee is made up of elementary and secondary administrators and Superintendents, all committed to a process based on effective practices that are clear, transparent and equitable.  We strive to attract a diverse range of applicants with the ultimate goal of improved student achievement and well- being in all of our schools.

The selection of Vice-Principals for the York Region District School Board will be based on the Ministry of Education’s Ontario Leadership Framework (OLF), the York Region District School Board’s Priorities, and the York Region District School Board Leadership Framework for School Administrators 2020.


Pre-Screening Requirements for Vice Principal Candidates:

  • ​​PQP Part 1 to be complete at the time of application submission 

  • PQP Part 2 to be completed by August 31, 2023

  • Completion of Apply to Education (ATE) screening questions (e.g. discipline history, Teacher Performance Appraisal, Ontario College of Teachers, etc.) 

  • References to be provided at time of application.  References will not be contacted until Stage 3

  • Additional Qualifications (e.g. Special Education Part 1, French) would be an asset 


Prior to Applying

Conferencing with your current Principal prior to your application is encouraged, but is not mandatory.  You do not formally need the support of your administration to apply; however, they will be part of the reference process at Stage 3 as your current supervisor.