Principal Selection Process

In line with the Board’s Multi-Year Strategic Plan and the Director’s Action Plan, the Principal Selection Process meets the board’s succession planning goals and talent development needs and contributes to building a workforce reflective of the communities we serve.

The selection process for Principal Candidates is led by a Coordinating Team consisting of Human Resources/Recruitment Staff and Senior Administration.  The Selection Committee for 2023-2024 will consist of two Superintendents.

The Coordinating Team will endeavour to ensure that the committee is comprised of individuals representing diverse social identities, perspectives, experiences and expertise who understand the Board’s talent management strategy and strive to ensure an equitable and fair process for all.  All Selection Committee members are required to complete Human Rights, Anti-Discrimination and Bias Training to help them understand and minimize bias.  Similar training will be provided annually to the committee members preceding the Principal Selection Process.

Candidates will be selected based on education, skills, qualifications, experience and demonstrated commitment to the Board’s Mission, Vision and Values. The process is based on effective practices that are clear, transparent and equitable.

The selection of Principals will be based on the YRDSB Leadership Framework for School Administrators.


YRDSB Leadership Framework for School Administrators

YRDSB Leadership Framework for School Administrators focuses on all actions that are valued in YRDSB leaders, including those articulated in the Leadership Strategy plus others like strategic planning, governance, teaching and learning, and operations.  In addition, this YRDSB Leadership Framework for School Administrators was created as a complement to the Ontario Leadership Framework with a view to making equity and ethical leadership competencies clear. More information related to the YRDSB Leadership Framework will be shared at the first information session and at subsequent preparatory workshop sessions provided by Leadership Development.

The YRDSB Leadership Framework for School Administrators is organized into four Domains and eight Competencies. The four Domains demonstrate the dimensions of leadership accountabilities that the York Region District School Board believes are foundational to the success of all leaders. The eight Competencies are demonstrable knowledge, skills and characteristics for achieving leadership accountabilities in the administrator’s role.

The YRDSB Leadership Framework for School Administrators is designed to:

  • Facilitate a shared vision for leadership and what it means to be a leader in YRDSB

  • Provide questions for self-reflection to help administrators improve their effectiveness.  The questions will show administrators how they may become proficient in each competency area and therefore positively impact student and staff success

  • This Quick Reference Guide lists the steps to be taken for external applicants to access the YRDSB Leadership Framework Self-Assessment Tool (PDF).


Pre-Screening Requirements for Principal Candidates:

  • Qualified Vice-Principal

  • Completion of Apply to Education (ATE) profile which includes screening questions (e.g. discipline history, Principal Performance Appraisal (PPA), Ontario College of Teachers, etc.)

  • Completion of a cover letter and resume aligned with the YRDSB Leadership Framework

  • References to be provided at time of application; references will not be contacted until Stage Three


Prior to Applying

Conferencing with your current Principal prior to your application is encouraged, but is not mandatory.  You do not formally need the support of your administration to apply; however, they will be part of the reference process at Stage Three (3) as your current supervisor​​​.