GED (Ontario High School Equivalency Certificate)


Adults who qualify for this program can earn their Ontario High School Equivalency Certificate (the GED) from the Ministry of Education in as little as two months by successfully writing the GED Tests. The GED Certificate is recognized by employers and colleges as equivalent to the Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD). Half a million Canadians and Americans earn their high school credentials each year with the internationally recognized GED.


The GED program is offered through the Independent Learning Centre. To qualify for this program you first attend a GED Readiness Assessment to see how close you are to passing the GED with your current skills learned through your original schooling and, more recently, your lifelong learning and on-the-job experiences.

The GED is designed for adult students 18 years or older who meet the following requirements.

The Candidates:

  • have not completed their high school diploma requirements, in North America.
  • would ordinarily require many months or years of day/night classes for a high school diploma.
  • have other full-time responsibilities which do not permit regular day/night classes.
  • want to improve their opportunities for advancement, job promotion, or further education.
  • want to feel better about themselves.
  • have been out of full-time high school for at least one year.

The GED program is flexible, personal, accessible, recognized and affordable.

For more informat​ion

Call 416-484-2737 or visit the GED website​.