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Special Equipment Amount (SEA)

What is Special Equipment Amount (SEA)? 

The Ministry of Education provides funds to school boards, through the Special Equipment Amount (SEA), to assist with the cost of equipment essential for students with special needs to attend school and/or access the Ontario Curriculum and/or alternative program. The need for specific equipment is recommended in an assessment or report by a qualified professional (i.e., psychologist, speech-language pathologist, physiotherapist and/or occupational therapist, physiotherapist, teacher of the visually impaired, audiologist). 


What do I do if I think my child needs SEA equipment specific to their learning needs?

Connect with the Special Education Resource Teacher at your child’s school who, if appropriate, may initiate the process. The process includes these three steps:

  1. In-School Team Meeting
  2. Trials, Data Collection, and Evaluation
  3. Professional Recommendation (SEA Professional Report)


The Benefits of SEA 

Here's what one student said about how they use SEA Equipment in the classroom:

The speech to text helps me write words and create stories.

(Viewing time 3:49)

Staff and students at Silver Pines P.S. share the benefits of using SEA (Special Equipment Amount) equipment in the classroom.

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