Events and Meetings Resources

Guide to Accessible Public Engagement
Ontario Municipal Social Services Association, 2013

The Ontario Municipal Social Services Association (OMSSA) manages and delivers integrated human services in early learning and childcare, employment, homelessness and housing. OMSSA uses a people-centred approach to ensure programs and services are responsive to the needs of those they serve, often through public engagement (i.e., consultations or public participation).

The Guide to Accessible Public Engagement uses a 5-step process to evaluate and ensure public engagement processes are accessible to everyone, including people with disabilities. The guide is an accompaniment to OMSSA's Guide to Conducting Accessible Meetings​.

Guide to Conducting Accessible Meetings​​
Ontario Municipal Social Services Association, 2013

Meetings or events can range from small workshops to large public engagements, all of which can benefit from accessibility​ considerations throughout the planning (step 1), conducting/hosting (step 2) and evaluation (step 3) of the meeting. These 3 steps are the framework for this guide which emphasizes the importance of building accessibility into any meeting or event from the outset. All participants, including those with disabilities, should be able to access both the meeting location (physical or virtual) as well as the contents of the meeting in a meaningful way.

Our Doors Are Open: Guide for Accessible Congregations​​
Inclusive Design Research Centre, 2018

The Inclusive Design Research Centre at OCAD University create the Our Doors Are Open Guide to offer diverse faith communities in Ontario simple and creative ways to increase inclusion and accessibility for people with disabilities during worship services and other faith-related events. The guide provides a brief training overview of the barriers to accessibility and tips for interacting with people with disabilities, followed by a clear action plan for removing barriers and actively engaging both new and existing members.

Planning Accessible Events: So Everyone ​Feels Welcome
Accessibility Directorate​ of Ontario, 2016

This information booklet provides accessibility considerations and tips for planning any type of community event, including an accessible event checklist. Many of the actions described are low-cost or no-cost ways of making events more inclusive and accessible to all attendees and/or participants.