​Welcome to the YRDSB Museum and Archives current online exhibits! These exhibits are a small glimpse into our research projects and items from our collection. You can follow the links to explore them below!

Virtual Exhibition Available Now!

York Region reflects the heritage, history, and identity of its residents, including its community of the Chinese diaspora.

Together with community partners, Markham Museum and students from the University of Toronto's Museum Studies program, we are creating a virtual and traveling exhibition explores the history of Chinese immigration to York Region. This exhibition, Standing in the Doorway: Lived Histories & Experiences of the Chinese Community (縈繞中華文化: 華人社區歷史和生活展覽) will coincide with the 100th anniversary of the Chinese Exclusion Act (1923), a racist and discriminatory piece of Canadian legislation.

Despite this history, many Chinese Canadians settled in York Region. They brought with them their rich culture, traditions and knowledge. This exhibit will celebrate the Chinese-Canadian community, through the themes of home, place and space, and belonging. 

Lantern Slide, Markham Museum Collection (M.1987.9.262.3) Lantern Slide, Markham Museum Collection (M.1987.9.262.3)


If you are interested in learning more this project, please contact us museum@yrdsb.ca or researchfacility@markham.ca

In 2019, Burrlington Outdoor Resource Centre, also known as B.O.R.C., celebrated their 50th anniversary. Take a look at how outdoor education has been a part of student learning since the 1970s!​

Front view of Burrlington Outdoor Resource Centre Formerly known as School Section Nº 18 Vaughan (or the Burrlington School), the building was built in 1865 and has been used as an outdoor resource center since 1968.


Mining the Archives: Including Yourself (Cyanotypes) is a Grade 12 Media Arts Project by students at Bur Oak Secondary School, where they investigated the YRDSB museum online collection and then responded with the created art on showcase here! Enjoy exploring their perspectives!

Cyanotypes in hallway Display of Cyanotypes in hallway at Bur Oak Secondary School


Between 1914 and 1918, more than 628,000 Canadians served in the war effort. Everyone was affected by the war in a personal way, whether they were fighting at the front lines or farming at home.​

The Great War Through Canadian Eyes, is an online exhibition the YRDSB has put together using artefacts from our collection and other local archives in recognition of York Region's role in the First World War.

Black and white photograph of soldiers with King Township banner


In April 2017, close to 300 YRDSB students and staff visited France for the 100th Anniversary of Vimy Ridge.  "In Their Footsteps: A Journey through France during the 100th Anniversary of Vimy Ridge," explores one students perspective of their experience.  Photographs in this exhibit were taken by Elizabeth Boyd, or are a part of the YRDSB Museum & Archives Collection. 

Mathematics education has evolved over the course of the twentieth century as educators grappled with the value of basic arithmetic versus the importance of discovery based learning. This has led to a number of movements that have both broadened core mathematics and introduced different approaches to learning. 

Mathematics Education: Easy as Pi is an exhibition that explores the history of teaching math, and showcases math related artifacts in the YRDSB collection. 

Math tools on desk