In Their Footsteps

By Elizabeth Boyd

About a year ago, I didn't see Canada as a country that has much impact on the world. But since then, my perspective on our Canadian identity has greatly changed. After a phenomenal grade 10 history course, a co-op placement at the YRDSB Museum and Archives, and a school trip to Europe for the 100th Anniversary of Vimy Ridge, I now have a whole new attitude on what it means to be Canadian and how well-known we are throughout the world for our contributions. 

Aerial shot of feet on Juno Beach

Juno Beach, Normandy, France. April 2017.

Within this exhibit, I want to share with you the importance of Canadian efforts in World War I and II and our global impact from those years. I took all the photographs in this exhibit myself or scanned them from YRDSB Museum artifacts. Click on them to explore more of this exhibit.