Kindergarten Routines

Arrival and Dismissal

Kindergarten is a new routine for both children and parents. Start times and end times vary across schools and routines may differ. Your child's principal or classroom educators will outline the arrival and dismissal routines with you.


Snacks and Lunches

Packing healthy meals for lunch and snacks throughout the day will help keep children eating healthy and to support their growth and development. Your child will need lunch and snacks that:

  • are in containers that are easy for your child to open and eat independently
  • are litterless
  • do not require heating

Preparing lunches and snacks the night before can make getting ready for school easier the next day. For more information about healthy lunches, contact or visit York Region Health Services Nutrition at Schools.


Washroom and Self-Help Routines

In Kindergarten, children are encouraged to use the washroom independently while at school. Children will wash their hands with soap, and dress and undress themselves (belts, overalls, zippers, buttons, etc.) as independently as possible. As every child develops at their own pace, some children may require toileting support while they get comfortable in the classroom. Principals will work with their staff, families/caregivers to develop a responsive entry to school plan that meets the individual needs of children that honours the dignity of the child. In the event that a change of clothing is required, please send an extra set of clothes to be kept at school.


Personal Belongings

In order to support your child in organizing their belongings, please consider the following:

  • Label your child's personal belongings with your child’s first and last name.
  • Provide your child with a lunch/snack bag and a backpack that is large enough to hold the lunch bag and books but is child size and easy for your child to carry.
  • Consider sending a pair of indoor shoes and a pair of outdoor shoes.
  • Dress your child in comfortable clothes that are washable so they can engage in learning activities that may get messy.


Food Allergies

The safety and well-wellbeing of all students is a shared responsibility of the Board, staff, schools, families, students, health care providers and third-party health care providers. A number of students in our schools have a life-threatening food allergy. If these students smell or come in contact with foods that they are allergic to, they may go into "anaphylactic shock" - a potentially life-threatening condition. Please let the school know if your child has a life-threatening allergy. Your child's principal will inform the parent community if there is a particular life-threatening allergy at the school. We ask that all parents help to keep our school community safe.


Outdoor Learning Experiences

Outdoor activities are an important and regular part of the Kindergarten program. To ensure your child has a comfortable experience outside during the winter weather, they will need a winter hat, scarf, mittens, boots, snowsuit, etc. During the warmer months, children will need appropriate sun protection, so please send a hat and suitable clothing that covers their skin and putting on sunglasses (that provide UV protection) to protect their eyes.