Kindergarten Q&As

The Kindergarten program is available to all families with 4 and 5 year old children across York Region District School Board.

Children living within designated kindergarten school boundaries  and whose parents are or are willing to become public school tax supporters (complete the "Direction of Tax Support" Form), are eligible to attend kindergarten on September 01 of the calendar year the child turns 4 years old.   

  • a copy of the residential Tax Bill, indicating that the residence is assessed as being that of a Public School Tax Supporter* or
  • a copy of the Municipal Tax Assessment form (most recent notice)*.

*Note: Tenants may need to obtain these documents from the property owner. If proof of Public School Tax Support cannot be determined, students may be registered conditionally, subject to verification by the Board.

Registration information and documents needed are available on the Kindergarten Registration page

Yes, parents who change their Direction of School Support to become Public School Tax Supporters (completion of “Direction of Tax Support” Form as English Public) will be able to have their children attend kindergarten.

  • Kindergarten is an optional program in Ontario. Students are not required to attend school until grade one.
  • Most children readily adapt to full-day learning in a caring, well-supervised kindergarten environment.​
  • Principals will be flexible in accommodating parent requests to have their children attend the program half-time.
  • A parent can choose to transition their child from part-time to full time any time during the school year. 

  • Most York Region schools currently offer before and after school child care programming at the school, provided by a licensed Child Care agency working in partnership with the school.
  • In schools where a before and after school child care program is not currently in place and there is sufficient interest (based on an interest survey), arrangements will be made to establish a program for the upcoming school year.

If there is a before and after school child care program onsite at your school location, parents can contact the Child Care Agency directly to inquire about before and after school care registration. Contact information for the child care agency will be available at registration or in the school’s office or on the school's website.​