Building Knowledge

Building knowledge requires enabling educators to be change agents by building evidence-based knowledge and understanding of what a learning disability is and the necessary conditions to ensure student success.​


System Actions

  • Provide modern learning opportunities to support the natural curiosity of learners with a learning disability
  • Provide professional learning for educators with a focus on strategies to support positive mental health in all students (i.e. ADHD, anxiety)
  • Develop leaders who believe that students have the potential to succeed regardless of their identification
  • Increase knowledge of what components are needed in a rich transition plan and why are they valuable for student success
  • Understand, honour, and value all pathways​

School Actions

  • ​​Understand and utilize equitable and effective assessment practices
  • Provide opportunities for students and educators to share effective, evidence-based practices, including the use of assistive technology
  • Facilitate opportunities for students to share evidence-informed practices for using technology as a tool to support learning
  • Develop school-wide understanding of a wide variety of accommodations
  • Explore and understand the various learning pathways available that fit the needs of students with learning disabilities

Classroom Actions​

  • ​Understand the positive impact and needs for students to identify and connect with a caring and supportive adult and create conditions to support these relationships
  • Develop and utilize strategies to support equitable and inclusive classrooms
  • Understand how to develop individual and classroom learning profiles based on learners' strengths, needs and interests
  • Understand and utilize equitable and effective assessment practices
  • Understand that each student with a learning disability has a unique learning profile
  • Use learning profiles when planning assessment and when making instructional decisions
  • Use knowledge of the specific processing areas as identified on the Learning Disabilities Processing Skills Chart to inform all programming
  • Develop knowledge around the creation of detailed transiti​on plans​ that honour student voice