School Assistant Training

These materials are intended for all School Assistants in a school who are new to the role or who have not had the opportunity to review this support material.

Listed below is a series of comprehensive online training important for your role as a School Assistant. Access this training from the School Assistants Training Catalogue on Connect2Learn. You will be required to register for these courses by creating an account if you do not already have one. Please read important steps on how to register and create an account.


Modules to be Complete One Time 

  • Ergonomics for the Computer User (25 minutes)

  • School Assistant Training* (50 minutes)
    * Please Note:  School Administrators are asked to guide this module in order to build understanding of school community, staff, and families

  • Health & Safety Awareness (45 minutes)

  • Violence & Harassment: Health & Safety (25 minutes)


Modules to be Completed Annually

  • Health & Safety: Key Messages 2023 (1 hour)


Listed below is a series of additional important supports for your role as a School Assistant. No registration required.

  1. ​Health & Safety: Student Health Supports Module (video 7:49 mins, 59MB)

  2. Health & Safety Pamphlet (PDF)

  3. School Assistant Quick Reference Guide (PDF)

  4. Frequently Asked Questions (PDF)


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the office administration at your school.

In supporting school assistants who are viewing this module and require translation please follow these steps provided by Google support.



Accessing Achievement Record and Training Transcript (PDF)

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