Available Schools

Registration for the September 2021 school year is now closed. Registration for the February 2022 semester will open on July 2nd.

We recommend that you apply early to avoid disappointment in school selection and to ensure sufficient time is allocated for applying to IRCC for the required visa and study permit.

The list of elementary schools may change from time to time at the discretion of YRDSB.

Elementary School ​​Location​Term​Available
​Alexander Muir Public School​Newmarket​Feb 2022​TBD
​Anne Frank Public School​Vaughan ​Feb 2022TBD
Armadale Public School​​Markham Feb 2022TBD
​Bakersfield PS​Vaughan​Feb 2022​TBD
​Bayview Glen Public School (K-6)​Vaughan Feb 2022​TBD
Boxwood Public School​​Markham ​Feb 2022​TBD
​Brownridge PS​Vaughan​Feb 2022​TBD
​Buttonville PS​Markham​Feb 2022​TBD
​Carrville Mills Public School​Vaughan Feb 2022​TBD
​Charlton PS​Vaughan​Feb 2022​TBD
​Cornell Village PS​Markham​Feb 2022​TBD
​Discovery Public School​Vaughan ​Feb 2022​TBD
Dr. Roberta Bondar PSVaughanFeb 2022TBD
​E.J. Sands Public School​Vaughan​Feb 2022​TBD
​Edward T. Crowle Public School​Markham ​Feb 2022​TBD
Forest Run Public School​Vaughan ​Feb 2022​TBD
​Fossil Hill Public School​Vaughan ​Feb 2022​TBD
​Herbert H. Carnegie Public School​Vaughan ​Feb 2022​TBD
​Highview Public School​Aurora ​Feb 2022​TBD
​Johnsview Village Public School​Markham ​Feb 2022​TBD
​Kettle Lakes Public School​Richmond Hill​Feb 2022​TBD
​King City Public School​King Feb 2022​TBD
​Lake Wilcox Public School​Richmond Hill​Feb 2022​TBD
​Lincoln Alexander Public School​Markham​Feb 2022TBD
​MacLeod's Landing Public School​Richmond Hill​Feb 2022​TBD
​Maple Creek Public School​Vaughan ​Feb 2022​TBD
​Markham Gateway Public School​Markham ​Feb 2022​TBD
​Nellie McClung Public School​Vaughan​Feb 2022​TBD
​Northern Lights Public School​Aurora Feb 2022​TBD
​O.M. MacKillop Public School​Richmond Hill ​Feb 2022​TBD
​Pine Grove Public School​Vaughan ​Feb 2022​TBD
​Randall Public School​Markham​Feb 2022​TBD
​Regency Acres Public School​Aurora Feb 2022​TBD
​Roselawn Public School (Gr 4-8)​Richmond Hill ​Feb 2022​TBD
​Ross Doan PS (K-3)​Richmond Hill​Feb 2022​TBD
​Rouge Park Public School​Markham​Feb 2022​TBD
​Sir John A. Macdonald Public School​Markham​Feb 2022​TBD
​Sixteenth Avenue Public School​Richmond Hill​Feb 2022​TBD
​Terry Fox Public School​Newmarket​Feb 2022​TBD
​Thornhill Public School​Thornhill​Feb 2022​TBD
Thornhill Woods Public School​Vaughan ​Feb 2022​TBD
​Vellore Woods Public School​Vaughan Feb 2022​TBD
​Viola Desmond Public School​Vaughan​Feb 2022​TBD
Walter Scott Public School (Gr K-6)​Richmond Hill ​Feb 2022​TBD
​Westminster Public School​Vaughan Feb 2022​TBD
Willowbrook Public School​Markham ​Feb 2022​TBD
​Woodbridge Public School​Vaughan Feb 2022​TBD
​Yorkhill Elementary School​Vaughan Feb 2022​TBD

Updated April 27, 2021

​Secondary​ School​​​​​Location​Semester​Available​Accepting
Alexander Mackenzie High School​​Richmond HillFeb 2022​TBD​Grades 9-12
​Bill Hogarth Secondary School​MarkhamFeb 2022​TBD​Grades 9-12
Bur Oak Secondary School​MarkhamFeb 2022​TBD​Grades 9-12
​Dr. GW Williams Secondary School​AuroraFeb 2022​TBD​Grades 9-12
Dr. JM Denison Secondary School​NewmarketFeb 2022​TBD​Grades 9-12
Emily Carr Secondary SchoolVaughanFeb 2022TBDGrades 9-12
Hodan Nalayeh Secondary SchoolVaughanFeb 2022TBDGrades 9-12
​Huron Heights Secondary School​NewmarketFeb 2022​TBD​Grades 9-12
King City Secondary SchoolKing City​Feb 2022​TBD​Grades 9-12
Langstaff Secondary School​Richmond HillFeb 2022TBD​Grades 9-12
Maple High School​VaughanFeb 2022​​TBD​Grades 9-12
Markham District High School​MarkhamFeb 2022​TBD​Grades 9-12
Middlefield Collegiate Institute​MarkhamFeb 2022​TBD​Grades 9-12
Milliken Mills High School​MarkhamFeb 2022​TBD​Grades 9-12
​Richmond Green Secondary School​Richmond HillFeb 2022​TBD​Grades 9-12
​Sir William Mulock Secondary School​NewmarketFeb 2022TBD​Grades 9-12
Stephen Lewis Secondary School​VaughanFeb 2022TBD​Grades 9-12
Stouffville District Secondary School​StouffvilleFeb 2022​TBD​Grades 9-12
Thornhill Secondary School​ThornhillFeb 2022TBD​Grades 9-12

Thornlea Secondary School

​MarkhamFeb 2022TBD​Grades 9-12
Tommy Douglas Secondary School​VaughanFeb 2022TBD​Grades 9-12
Unionville High School​​UnionvilleFeb 2022TBD​Grades 9-12
Woodbridge College​VaughanFeb 2022TBD​Grades 9-12


*List is subject to change