Academic - Elementary

All elementary schools in YRDSB base student learning on the curriculum standards set out by the Ontario Ministry of Education.

Elementary school includes grades Junior Kindergarten to Grade 8. The school year begins in September and ends in June.

Elementary schools are comprised of:

  • Primary Divisions which include Junior Kindergarten (JK) to Grade 3

  • Junior Divisions which include Grades 4, 5 and 6 and

  • Intermediate Divisions which include Grades 7 and 8

In the Intermediate Division, students begin to plan next future steps. Teachers assist students to consider their strengths, interests and plans after they graduate. This counselling helps students prepare to select their courses in secondary school.

​The full-time elementary program is available to international students in JK to Grade 8. When a student registers for school, grade placements are determined by age, not by the grade completed in the country of origin. When preparing learning activities, teachers consider the students’ previous education.

Every effort is made to place international students in schools which are in close proximity to where they will be residing while studying in Canada; however, this may not always be possible.

When graduating from Grade 8, students may not always proceed to the secondary school within the geographical area in which they reside. Students will be placed in one of the secondary schools designated to receive international students.

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