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All secondary schools in YRDSB base student learning on the curriculum standards set out by the Ontario Ministry of Education. ​

Secondary school is considered to be Grade 9 - 12, students are typically age 14 - 18. One credit is granted for the successful completion of a secondary school course which is a minimum of 110 hours of instruction.
To graduate with the Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD), a student must complete:

  • 18 compulsory credits,
  • 12 elective credits,
  • 40 hours of community service and
  • pass the provincial secondary school literacy test.

​International students are awarded credits for courses completed in their home country at the discretion of their Guidance Counsellor.

The school year begins in September and ends in June. A school year is divided into two semesters with a student studying four courses each semester. ​The first semester begins in September, the second semester begins in February. International students may begin their education in either semester.

Specific secondary schools, located throughout York Region, have been selected to accommodate international students. Visit the list of available schools to view the school list. Please note, every attempt is made to place incoming students in their first school of choice; however, this is not always possible; therefore, we request that each applicant list three schools of preference.

Specialized programs such as Special Education, the French Immersion Program, the International Baccalaureate Program, and the Sports Program at Bill Crothers Secondary School are not available to international students.

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