Student Mental Health and Addiction Strategy

We have a Student Mental Health and Addiction Strategy that sets out actions to foster mental health and well-being.


The strategy aims to advance students’ mental health and well-being through promotion of health, enhancing capacity, prevention of illness, and support when needed, in a way that honours the student where they are, fosters inclusion, inspires belonging and builds community.


Read the full strategy: Student Mental Health and Addiction Strategy: A Holistic Approach to Mental Health, Within Us, Between Us, and Around Us

Image of strategy cover with title: YRDSB Student Mental Health and Addictions Strategy: a Holistic Approach to Mental Health

The strategy focuses on three main concepts:

Within refers to the gifts and assets of our self/spirit, various intersecting identities and traditions, as well as our cognitive and emotional well-being.

Between refers tothe social aspect of the relationships we have with other people, our families, and communities.

Around refers to:

  • families, communities and learning/social environments that surround us

  • experiences of different life events, as well as systemic factors such as oppression, colonialism and racism, discrimination and marginalization

  • access to culturally representative, and responsive support and resources


Strategy Priorities

The strategy sets out three priorities guided by these main concepts:

Provide identity affirming, culturally responsive, and relevant mental health promotion,illness prevention, and intervention

Build capacity, understanding and resources with people, families, and communities in YRDSB  to address trauma, racial trauma and other forms of harm, while supporting healing and  growth.

Build safe, mentally healthy and inclusive learning environments where students  feel they matter and belong. Create Identity Specific collaboration and care and pathways that are responsive to students and families.

The strategy supports the Mental Health and Well-Being goals outlined in the Board’s Multi-Year Strategic Plan and Director’s Action Plan


Extending the Learning

Students, staff, and families will be participating in several learning opportunities related to the strategy including a K-12 classroom activity, professional learning and web events for families and community.

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Throughout the 2021-22 school year, a multidisciplinary team of YRDSB staff consulted with community groups, parents, mental health advocacy groups, students, staff affinity groups and community members to gather critical feedback, which informed the development of the strategy.

To learn more about the consultation process, please contact