34 Credit Threshold

Helping Students to Graduate within 4 Years

In the 2013-14 school year, the Ministry of Education put in place a 34 credit threshold.


What is the 34 Credit Threshold and how does it apply to you?

34 Credit Threshold
  • You need 30 credits to meet Ontario Secondary School Diploma graduation
    requirements. Most students will complete these credits within four years.
    If needed, you may earn up to 34 credits within five years.
  • While enrolled in your first four consecutive years of secondary school,
    you may go beyond 34 credits.
  • After secondary school, going beyond the 34 credit threshold is possible with:
    • E-learning
    • Night School
    • Summer School
    • Independent Learning Centres
    • Adult Day School.

34 Credit Threshold does not apply:

  • If you have an Individual Education Plan (IEP).
  • If you are not enrolled in secondary school
  • To English as a Second Language (ESL) core language courses and/or English Literacy Development (ELD) core language courses (e.g. Course Codes: ESL/ELDAO, ESL/ELDBO, ESL/ELDCO, ESL/ELDDO, ESL/ELDEO.


Pathways Planning and the 34 Credit Threshold

Starting in Grade 7, as you develop your Individual Pathways Plan (IPP) in My Pathway Planner:

  • Take the time to research post -secondary programs that you may like to try and the career pathways to which these programs lead - based on your interests, learning styles, skills, strengths and needs.
  • Research secondary school courses that will prepare you for the post-secondary programs you’re interested in. Planning backwards is necessary (e.g. What will you need to take in Grade 12 to prepare for post-secondary? What grade 11 courses will you need for Grade 12? What Grade 10 courses might prepare you for Grade 11?, etc.)
  • Speak with your guidance counsellor who can help you to map out a course plan that is flexible, that can be revised and that will support you in being prepared for post-secondary without having to exceed 34 credits in 4 years.
  • Review and revise your plan at least twice each year.


Questions and Answers

Yes. For students successfully completing a credit course more than once, each successful completion counts toward the 34 credit threshold, however, only one of these credits counts towards the OSSD. 

No. Only successful credits count towards your total. 

Your school’s guidance department can support you in finding the option that best suits your needs

34 credit threshold

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