Transition Learner Portrait (TLP)

The transition from elementary to secondary school is an important time for students to receive support in order to ensure success academically and for their well-being. 

At this stage of their lives, students are trying to establish their identities every day, through interactions with friends, at school, at home, and in the community Creating Pathways to Success (PDF).  During this time students need to feel safe and experience a sense of belonging.  They also need to take courses that align with their strengths, interests, and aspirations.

The goal of any successful transition to high school is for students in Grade 9 to earn all their credits and feel a sense of belonging. At York Region District School Board we are committed to ensuring the success of each student as they transition from elementary school to secondary school. Some students find transitioning into Grade 9 more challenging than others and require additional transitional support that the Transition Leaner Portrait (TLP) will provide. Elementary staff, in collaboration and consultation with the students and families that would benefit from additional transitional support, will connect with them to create a plan with strategies to support students as they enter Grade 9. 

The  Transition Learner Portrait or (TLP) is a plan that captures the student’s strengths, interests, areas of support, as well as the next steps that the secondary school can put in place for the Grade 8 student entering high school. This plan is for students who do not have an Individual Education Plan (IEP) or English As a Second Language (ESL) support. The Elementary homeroom teacher and/or the Elementary Transition Teacher will connect with the Grade 8 student and their family to develop a plan to support their transition to secondary school. The plan is then shared with the Student Success Team at the secondary school to ensure that the strategies and supports, in addition to a caring adult, are in place. 

  1. A student who is achieving below 55% in multiple subject areas

  2. A student who has received one or more level R's (below 50%)  on their Grade 8 report card

  3. A student whose well-being has impacted their learning

  4. A student who has received an incomplete (“I”) mark on their report card

  5. A student who has more than 15 absences or lates which has impacted their learning

  1. Elementary Homeroom Teachers and/or the Elementary Transition Teacher will connect with the Grade 8 students to explain how the secondary school's Student Success Team can help support their transition to high school in the spring. 

  2. The Elementary Teacher and/or the Elementary Transition Teacher will speak with the student and their families to discuss the TLP and gather information about student strengths and interests that will be added to the TLP. 

  3. The Elementary and Secondary Teachers meet to review the TLP and discuss next steps.

  4. A Student Success team member will connect with the student and family before they begin Grade 9. 

  • Every secondary school in the York Region District School Board has a Student Success Teacher who acts as a student advocate and mentor for students.

    The Student Success team is a group of educators and staff from the secondary school who provide engagement strategies and supports so that students are successful in their high school career. The Student Success Team includes Administration, Guidance, Student Success Teacher, Learning Opportunity Grant (LOG) Child and Youth Worker, and other staff in the building.

Student Success Teams use strategies and supports to help students with their academic success and well being.  This can happen in individual or group settings during class time, or lunchtime or before or after school. Student Success transition support may include connection to a caring teacher mentor, customized timetable in the first semester, ongoing monitoring, tour of the school, and Education and Career or Life Pathways Planning.