Responding to an offer of admission

The following links will guide you through the process of 5esponding to an offer of admission from an Ontario university or college:

  • OUAC and OCAS do not make any admission decisions.

  • Evaluation of application files is performed at each university or college and admission decisions are made by the universities and colleges. Offers of admission will be communicated directly to applicants. If you have been offered admission, you will be provided with the appropriate instructions for responding.

  • You could receive more than one Offer of Admission depending on the number of colleges/universities and programs to which you have applied.

  • You may accept only one offer for college and one offer for university at a time.

  • You are responsible for responding to the Offer of Admission on or before the deadline or expiry date indicated by the college or university.

  • Accepting an offer of admission from one university or college will not cancel your application to other universities or colleges and/or programs; however, you may have only one acceptance of an offer on file at a time.