Online Learning Secondary Summer School

Online Learning Secondary Summer School (formerly Summer School e-Learning) courses are taught by YRDSB teachers using Ontario's Virtual Learning Environment-BrightSpace by D2L. The platform is web-based and contains lessons and a wide range of collaborative tools. Teachers interact with students daily on weekdays both synchronously (real-time) and asynchronously (pre-recorded lessons, discussions, etc.) to deliver the curriculum. Students are not required to log in at a specific time each day, there is flexibility so that they may log in at a convenient time for them. Students can expect to do a minimum of 6 hours of learning each day.

The program offers courses that are specifically designed to be taught in a fully online format (formerly referred to as “e-learning”). Online learning relies on communication between pupils and teacher. Online learning does not require pupils and teachers to be face-to-face with each other. Classes occur online using an asynchronous model, with numerous synchronous learning opportunities offered with the teacher.


Online Learning Secondary Summer School (formerly Summer School e-Learning) is available to the following individuals:

  • YRDSB Students
  • Non-YRDSB Students who attend a day school other than one of the York Region DSB schools/school within another school board such as YCDSB, TDSB, DDSB, etc...
  • Non-Students with Canadian status who are residents in Ontario