Learning Skills

What do I wonder about myself? How do I learn best?

Developing the following six learning skills and work habits as you proceed through school are very important to your success in school and life. Check them out and see how you rate on each of the skills:


  • Can I find things when I am looking for them?
  • Do I use an organizer to record dates?
  • Do I break tasks into parts to make a plan for completion?


  • Do I act appropriately in class?
  • Do I follow the classroom routines?
  • Do I complete my work on time?


  • Do I start my work without being asked?
  • Do I approach new tasks with enthusiasm?
  • Do I speak up for what I need?

Independent work:

  • Do I check multiple sources before saying “I don’t know what to do?”
  • Do I follow instructions given by the teacher?
  • Do I stay on task during classwork time?


  • Do I set goals in order to complete work?
  • Am I aware of how I am feeling and how it affects my behaviour?
  • Can I manage my behaviour?


  • Am I respectful of other peoples’ opinions and perspectives when working together?
  • Do I do my share of the work when working with my classmates?
  • Do I assume different roles when doing group work, such as leader, encourager and contributor?

Have you answered all of the above questions? Do you feel that you have developed more in some areas than in others? What did you learn about yourself? Think about it.

Based on what you have learned, what learning skills or work habits do you think you should be working on? What would help you work on this learning skill? Brainstorm some ideas. It may be a good idea to talk to your family, a trusted adult, a teacher, or a guidance counsellor about some of your thoughts.

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